It’s Never Too Late – Syllabus

It’s Never to Late to Begin Again

Author:  Julie Cameron

Course Leaders:  Chris Donner and Cee Neuner

13 week course

Go to:

Prior to first class

  • Get a copy of the book.
  • Get two notebooks or journals to write in.
  • Read the Introduction in the book.

Introduction Week – Monday, 25 February 2019:

We’ll get some background on the class and the tools we’ll be using.  We’ll also be introducing ourselves to our class mates.

Week One – Reigniting Our Sense of Wonder – Monday, 4 March 2019

We’ll start using the tools to get a feel for unfulfilled dreams and desires.  Where is the creativity we knew instinctively as a child, before it was stifled by school, church, and the society we grew up in?  We’ll touch base with that sense of wonder.

Week Two – Reigniting Our Sense of Freedom – Monday, 11 March 2019

Week 2 is about freedom and how you want to live your life now.  Clear out the clutter to make room for the new.  Redefine how you are using your time.  Lots of fun stuff to explore.

Week Three – Reigniting a Sense of Connection – Monday, 18 March, 2019

So this week is about connections and that time in life when we were learning how to be social.  *sigh*awkward*teen years*dating* school dances*football and basketball games*homecoming*prom*