Week 5 – Reigniting a Sense of Honesty

Honesty… How much of that trait do we still retain and how much of it have we given over to little white lies, or going against your values to please others?

This week is all about getting in touch with our authentic selves.  Not the “self” we wore to work, or to the meetings with our children’s teachers, or to church.  Getting in touch with the real “me”, without the trappings.

You can add your responses below, or on our private Facebook page (INTL).

Task:  Honesty

Copy this sentence five times, filling in the blanks”

When it comes to __________, I officially feel __________ but I actually feel __________.

Memoir, Week Five

AGES: _____

  1. Describe your major relationships in this period.
  2. Where did you live? Did you live in more than one place?
  3. What was your driving force during this time?
  4. Describe one sound that “rings true” to you from this period. Does it still touch you today?
  5. Describe one taste from this period. Is there a taste you have not revisited since then? Could you? (Re-create a recipe, visit a restaurant you might not usually, etc.)
  6. Describe one strong opinion you held during this period.
  7. Were there parts of your personality that were more pronounced during this period?
  8. In what ways did you effortlessly express yourself during this period? In what ways did you struggle to express your truth?
  9. What was a source of frustration for you during this time?
  10. What other memories feel significant to you from this time?

Task:  Dismantling Doubt

Complete the following sentences:

  1. As a child, I felt discouraged when . . .
  2. I felt at a loss about . . .
  3. I wish I hadn’t . . .
  4. A person who I suspect damaged me creatively was . . .
  5. I wonder if . . .

TASK:  Imaginary Lives

Name five imaginary lives.  What would it be fun to do or be? When you are finished, choose one of your imaginary lives and see if there is a step in your current life that you could take toward this imaginary life. For example, if your imaginary life is to be a fashion designer, you might have fun visiting a fabric store. Allow your step to be small and your list to include delights, not duties!

Task:  Crazymakers in Our Midst

  1. Have you ever known a crazymaker?
  2. Are you involved with a crazymaker now?
  3. What creative action do you suspect you are blocking with this involvement?
  4. Do you suspect that you yourself might be a crazymaker?
  5. Crazymakers are experts at using energy incorrectly. One of the best defenses is positive action. What positive action, however small, can you take, right now, on your own behalf?
  6. Take this action.

Task:  Anger

Copy this sentence five times and complete it:

If I let myself admit it, I’m angry that…

This is a packed, packed week!  How many of you found that your crazymaker list ran to multiple pages?  Thank goodness for the catharsis of Morning Pages.

Have a fabulous, wonderful, “aha” packed week!

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