Week 4 – Tasks

Week 4: Reigniting a Sense of Purpose

Task – Memoir, Week Four


  1. Describe your major relationships in this period.
  2. Where did you live?
  3. What creative ideas called to you?
  4. Did you follow these callings?
  5. Describe one sound from this period. What are the emotions associated with this sound?
  6. Describe one taste from this period. Is there a taste you have not revisited since then? Could you? (Re-create a recipe, visit a restaurant you might not usually patronize, etc.)
  7. Describe one smell from this period.
  8. Were there callings that you tried and then abandoned?
  9. Did you have dreams, questions, or impulses about your greater purpose in this period?
  10. What was a source of joy for you during this time?
  11. What other memories feel significant to you from this time?

Task – Legacy

Answer the following exploratory questions:

  • I would like to be remembered as . . .
  • I wish I could leave . . .
  • A person whose legacy inspires me is . . .
  • As a child, I dreamed of . . .
  • One way I am already leaving a legacy is . . .

Now, look back at your list. Are there clues in this list about projects you might like to begin?

Task – Touchstones

Make a list of twenty-five things you love. Then select one item you can access today.

Task – Mentoring

Writing freely, explore your memories of a mentor who influenced you.

Who was this person?
What did you learn from them?
How did their lessons change you?

Now, look around at your current life. Who could you pass some of these lessons on to?

Next, take a few minutes to reach out in appreciation to a friend who is older and a friend who is younger. It can be a handwritten note, an e-mail, a text, a call.

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