Week 3 – Reigniting a Sense of Connection

Illustration by violeta noy.

Wow!  Week 3.  How are your Morning Pages going?  Bouncing back and forth between not-so-good and copious volumes of things that have been wanting to come out forever.  Memoir getting a little too real sometimes?  Or bringing you joy as you remember happy times you haven’t thought of in years?  Anyone have any interesting Artist Dates you’d like to share?

I think last week’s “If I had less time” writing was really hard.  I had to imagine myself on another planet where the days were only 23 hours long and figure out how my schedule would change if we had less time.  Or if we repeated Daylight Savings Time over and over again.  Adapt or get buried by your To Do list.

Okay, I guess I’m in a chatty mood.  That happens with me from time to time.

So this week is about connections and that time in life when we were learning how to be social.  *sigh*awkward*teen years*dating* school dances*football and basketball games*homecoming*prom*

Give yourself time to write your next memoir section (page 49), then take twenty minutes to do some writing about loneliness (page 54).  Then Julia asks us to consider doing some volunteer work (page 58).  I like the task on page 63, to define a support network.  That can be so important.

There is no sentence completion this week, which is a shame because I was really getting into it.  It made me think and look at things a different way.  If anyone wants to come up with some sentences to complete, please be my guest.  Share them here.


  1. The morning pages are going well. I’ve written them in my bullet journal mostly every day.

    I find though I have to be careful to not impede my photography and writing. The morning I worked on my week 2 memoir, I was too depleted to work on my creative stuff. I wasn’t very happy about that. I should have done my writing and photography first, then worked on the memoir later when I was tired.

    It’s all a learning curve.


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  2. I too find morning pages time consuming but keep returning to the thought that they are an important use of time…they’ll guide me to next important tasks.

    Loneliness, for the most part, is not something I struggle with…I am a proud and out there introvert with no qualms about leaving gatherings early lol. I did, however, relate to Mia on page 50 – she felt lonely when she didn’t have enough alone time…like she lost the connection with herself.

    One thing that has come up in my memoir (again) is how I felt abandon by my mom – not in a physical sense but through her alcoholism and general lack of attention. I’ve been reflecting on how it has impacted my own mothering efforts.

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