Week 1 – Memoir – Cee

(In addition to her memories, Cee had a breakthrough while doing Monday Pages.  She thought it was significant enough to want to put it out on our main blog.  You can read about it here.)

Here is a link to this week’s Week 1 – Reigniting a sense of wonder post.

My sister Beth (left) an me at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Illinois. Roughly 1965.

AGES: 0 – 5

Where did you live? Born in Moscow, Idaho, moved to Washington and Oregon until age 2, North Dakota until age 5, Minnesota through age 9. I did a lot of moving.

Who took care of you? My parents

Did you have any pets? We had a dog, Lady, a black lab who got shot and killed during deer hunting season.

What is your earliest memory? In North Dakota, we went to my friend Penny’s farm and played in her barn.

What was your favorite book? Madeline

What was your favorite toy? Lincoln logs

Describe a smell you remember from this stage of your life.  No memory.

What was your favorite food? Fried chicken because a friend taught us how to eat the chicken wing bones. The thought of it grosses me out now, but back then it was amazing and really cool.

Describe a sound from this period of your life.  The sound of silence from the snow.

Describe a location where you remember spending time.

Walking in the woods with my sister, following the deer tracks. Our parents would get mad at us. (I lived in a US Forest Ranger’s station where there were only four houses.)

What other memories occur to you from this period? 

I had my bee stings that early, maybe age 5 or 6 because we were in the log house.  The best story is when the bear came to the house on Thanksgiving.  I got to feed the deer outside.  I made friends with the little baby and called it Bambi.




  1. I couldn’t think of any specific books I would’ve liked before the age of 4, but now that I read your fave was Madeline, I kind of think that was one of my favorites too!


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