Intro Week – Thursday

I took of photo of me while on FaceTime. That is Maddie looking on.  FaceTime camera isn’t too clear, but I thought I show what a Skype or FaceTime session would look like

One of the things Julia recommends facilitators do is have the class pair off and read their answer to the weekly questions to each other. There is a lot of power in hearing your words spoken out loud.  Cee and I know first hand how powerful it is because we normally share our answers with each other when we’re doin something like this class.

(No, you don’t have to participate, although I think you’d really enjoy it. This applies to the lesson questions only and not to the Morning Pages. The MPs are for your eyes only.)

Since we’re holding this as an online class, that isn’t so easy to do.  We’d still like to try. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pair up with someone else in your time zone and do a quick phone call or a Skype session. Yes, Judith, I know that will be an issue for you. Cee or I will happily pair up with you if no one else wants to.
  • Cee and I could schedule quick Skype sessions with each of you if you didn’t want to pair up with a class mate.
  • We could create a post and you could share answers there. There isn’t any audio, though, so not as powerful.
  • We could create a private Facebook group and we could share them there. Ditto on the lack of audio.

We’re talking about a short call just to say hi and swap answers, to chat about the class and how it’s going. We’d like to start the sessions toward the end of next week, so you have a little time to think about it and comment here.  Let us know what you’re thinking.


  1. I’d like to leave a general reply to Barbara’s concern that physical health problems might create scheduling problems. Cee and I understand those because we’ve lived with chronic illness a long time. Try to be patient and understanding if someone has to reschedule at the last minute. If your schedule is too complicated and makes rescheduling difficult, Cee or I can step in and be your partner


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