Week 1 – Reigniting a Sense of Wonder

And now the fun stuff begins.  We actually dive in and get to work.

Monday, 4 March:  

  • Read the Week One chapter in the book.
  • Start your memoir and answer the memoir questions.
  • Add ideas for Artist Dates to your list of possibilities if any came up from your memoir work.
  • Answer the five “It’s never too late…” questions.
  • Identify and begin to shrink your inner censor
  • Think up your “active kindness” treats
  • On Sunday, fill in your answers to the Weekly Check-In.  Have an honest discussion with your Inner Being (Inner Child, subconscious self) and give yourself kudos for all the work you’ve done.  And make sure that inner censor is well silenced.


  1. Oh geez – I’m doing the wrong book! I got out The Artist’s Way. I was trying to figure out why my chapter looked so different than your questions. Okay dokey. . . back to the bookshelf.



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