Intro Week – Wednesday

What are some of the things you’ve been reading in the Introduction that have special meaning for you, that you are resonating with?

Share in the comments below.

Cameron’s discussion of suddenly finding yourself a “senior” hit me between the eyes because I went through the same thing.  Ugh!  Not at all ready to be put out to pasture.  Not at all sure I ever will be ready.  I have too much I still want to do and share.

I took to heart her final paragraph in the Introduction, where she promises that this work will be life transformative.  Bring it on!  I’m ready to unleash my creativity, look at things with a fresh perspective, and dive into some new adventures.

Have fun!


    1. To me artists dates don’t need to have anything do with “art”, although it certainly can be. It can be something that makes you think or a new experience. Just anything that gets you thinking just a little bit different. 😀

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  1. Deb, I love that you found those statements. Honestly, I missed them, and I’ve read the book a couple of times recently getting ready for class. This is the value of sharing other perspectives.


    1. I was thinking that visiting local artisan shops might be fun. We have a couple of chocolateers in our town that might be fun to visit, and a hazelnut candy factory nearby. Your artist date doesn’t have to be around an existing interest, either. Let them expand your imagination and creativity!

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  2. I liked the statement that “the truth is that work can’t dry up because it is going so well”. It’s something to be aware of and work around, at least for me.

    Another one (a few pages earlier) that I liked was how “nothing dies harder than a bad idea”. Boy, is that ever true!


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  3. I’m looking most forward to the memoir exercises. I resonated with the statement, “Oh, my life wasn’t that interesting.” Also, the belief that all the good books/topics have been written already. What do I have to add?

    I look forward to gaining confidence and renewed energy and purpose in my writing 💙

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    1. “What do I have to add?” I feel the same way at times, too. It’s already been said. But here’s what I’ve come to realize…

      Even if already been said, I know how much I value hearing different interpretations of the same thing. Where would we be if there were only one recording of a Pachelbel’s Canon in D, for example? We would miss the beauty of hearing it on different instruments or with different performer’s expressions.

      The other thing I have come to realize is that even though it’s already been said by X doesn’t mean everyone’s heard it. It’s a big world and a message isn’t transmitted to everyone simultaneously. Maybe my version of it will finally be heard by just the right person at just the right time to make a big difference to them.

      That’s what I’ve been thinking…

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