Introducing Cee

To start my story, I really need to go back about 35 years.  For those who are counting that is when I was 23 years old.  By that time, I had been speaking and touring the country on the topic of being an incest survivor.  I met with numerous survivors (from age 6 to 66 and beyond) and I was fortunate enough to listen to people of all ages share their stories of sexual abuse. I knew listening to these people open up and tell their stories would help the healing of wounds they suffered sometimes fifty years ago.  I also worked with therapists and other medical professionals and helped them understand the damage that occurs in children.  My life seemed set.  It felt like I was doing what I was meant to do.  I was happy, active and living in my passion.

Sometime in that period I was bitten by a little tick and it changed my life dramatically.  Within a couple of years, I put on 100 pounds and could barely walk.  I was fortunate that I could still work as a secretary and earn a living.  I had no clue I had any kind of chronic disease until I was forty years old, when I ended up in the hospital and in a coma for 40 days and hospitalized for four months.  I came close to death the first night and had several other close calls while I was still in my coma.  In 2005, I was hospitalized and nearly died again.  The doctors still had no clue what was making me sick.

I was around forty-nine years old when a doctor I was seeing finally put pieces of my life together. She said I had Lyme’s disease. She knew some of the symptoms I had in my mid-twenties and could diagnose me on the spot.  My doctor also had Lyme’s.  So finally, I had some answers.  Because I had Lyme’s undiagnosed for that amount of the time, the normal antibiotics wouldn’t work, even with high doses.  I was taking a number of different antibiotics at the same time, some with food, some without, and one that made me throw up.  After about five years of unsuccessful treatment, she said there is no cure.  All we could do was try to control the symptoms, and when the antibiotics wouldn’t work anymore, that was it.  I was terminally ill.

That’s when I turned to eastern medicine.  I found a qigong teacher and healer who happened to live and work in Portland.  Within a few months, I had healed enough to stop all the antibiotics I was taking, and I am now free from Lyme’s disease.

Over the years my body took a real beating with a couple of rounds of multiple organ failure, and since I am healthy enough now, I am starting to rehabilitate my body and am getting strong again.

About twelve years ago, I got serious about photography, and since my “retirement” from work ten years ago, I have been a part of online photography groups or blogging ever since. Most of you know me through my Cee’s Photography Blog, so I won’t say a lot about that here.

I wanted to do this class so I can keep learning how to have more joy in my life, and help others.



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