Introduction Week

Introduction Week – Monday, 25 February 2019

Get ready….

  • Make sure you did everything listed on the Welcome post.
  • Watch Julia’s explanation of Morning Pages.
  • Determine how, when and where you’ll be doing your Morning Pages.  Schedule that time with yourself, and your family if necessary, to make sure you take advantage of this wonderful “me time”.  Try to do your Morning Pages as early in your day as possible.  This may take a little bit of practice, so be gentle with yourself.
  • Add your comments to the Morning Pages page.  Share with your classmates.
  • Watch Julia talk about Artist Dates.  Start thinking of places you could go on your artist date.
  • Add your comments to the Artist Dates page.  Share your good ideas to inspire your classmates.
  • Getting to Know You:  Add your mini-bio to the comments below and read those of your class members. Introduce yourself, add your blog site if you like, and a general idea of where you are from and what you would like to get out of this class.  We have an international class and it would be fun to see where in the world we are.
  • Caveat:  this is a private site, but it is not encrypted or secure.  Only post information you are comfortable sharing.  Here’s my example:

I’m Chris and my site is  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the state of Oregon in the US.  I think Julia Cameron is great and I can’t wait to get into this book.  I’m still working at my day job, but I’m close to retiring and want to come alive and create something productive in the years ahead.  I know I have a lot to offer people.  I’m excited to explore this and can’t wait to meet everyone.

Please be respectful if you reply to someone else’s comments.  Don’t give advice unless it’s asked for.  And please protect everyone’s privacy.  Don’t share what is posted here outside of our class without asking permission first.

Link back to the It’s Never Too Late syllabus.

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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Nancy Smiegowski and I live in Richmond, Virginia. I’m a CPA and until recently, did corporate tax work. I’m now retired (it’s still strange saying that) and starting a second life with my photography. My fine art photography reflects my love of color and I enjoy pushing the limits as I experiment and learn.

    My husband has done photography for more years than I have. Our trips fill the back of the car with our gear and include getting up before sunrise, afternoon naps, and staying up late for sunsets and night photography. To my chagrin, I would not be as adventurous capturing pictures if he didn’t prod me along. I’m working on maintaining a better attitude and not griping about being uncomfortable, walking so far, or learning the hard way to not make mistakes.

    I also have three old dogs, including a very energetic and somewhat cranky beagle. He makes sure we walk every day, no matter what the weather is. The other two dogs – a Vizsla and a miniature pinscher – are happy to stay inside in their cozy beds.

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  2. Hi everyone! My name is Deb Kroll. I live in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia (which isn’t a real town or even a village, just a rural post office in the foothills of Appalachia about 80 miles north of Atlanta). I have worked as a newspaper reporter and as a civil rights investigator, but most of my working life was spent as a high school teacher and adjunct college professor teaching History, Government, and Economics. I would still be working (and loving it!) had my husband not suffered a major stroke two years ago.

    I took a leave of absence from work immediately after his stroke, but it became apparent that I would be needed permanently at home. So I retired and am now his primary caregiver. He cannot be left alone, as his speech, ability to walk and vision all were affected adversely by the stroke. In December he fell and suffered a compression fracture in his spine, so that has further complicated our lives. He is able to ride along with me in the car when I go to the pharmacy or go grocery shopping, so that’s good.

    Additionally, I help care for my 90-year-old father who lives about 30 miles away. He is in good physical health and still drives, but he suffers from some confusion and forgetfulness. My husband and I make frequent trips to the town where my dad lives, not only so I can help out there (my husband enjoys the recliner while we’re there) but also because the town is the location of the regional medical center and most of our doctors.

    My life now is very uneventful, but I enjoy reading, blogging, and photography when I can get to take photos.

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    1. Hi Deb, it is finally nice to get a proper introduction. You have gone through so much the past couple of years. My heart goes out to you. Being a care taker of a loved one or in your case loved ones is not an easy and often unrewarding job. My hat is off to you. I so adore your photography and always have. Welcome to the class my friend 😀

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  3. Hi – My name is Nora Leonard and I live on the Virginia coast in Chesapeake. Although I could retire – I am working part-time currently and really enjoy it. I have spent all of my career years in healthcare (clinical laboratory science) and most recently in a leadership position in healthcare education with our healthcare system’s college of health sciences. In my early 60’s I decided to step out of leadership move into part-time position in our college working as an academic coach for students and also coordinating student accommodations. I have enjoyed the position but it is being converted to full-time so I will be moving to another part-time position in our registrar’s office later this year. I have been married for 47 years (he’s my best friend) and have 2 grown married daughters and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy photography, gardening and take piano lessons. Although there are some life challenges to deal with – I am blessed with a beautiful family, home and life.

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    1. Welcome Nora. It’s nice to read a little more about you. Sounds like you have had an interesting life. I’ve been with Chris 30 years, and can’t imagine 47 years. Like you and your hubby, Chis is my best friend too. 😀

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  4. Hi – my name is Donna Matthews and my website is I am 47 and have worked in administration related fields my whole life. Ironically, a couple of years ago I discovered Julia’s Artist’s Way and she convinced me I could be a writer. I am now in love with the artistic life and look forward to learning and creating each day. I’ve been married for 24 years and have two young adult sons and one precious grandson. I’m super excited about Julia’s new book and getting to know all y’all. Oh yeah, coming to you from Houston, Texas where y’all is a proper and oft used word 😂

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    1. Welcome! Cee and I started The Artist’s Way but for some reason never finished it. Life probably got in the way. When I ran into this new book, I was thrilled, and wanted to share it with others. I’m so glad that you and everyone else are joining us.


  5. Hi everyone! My name is Lenore and I live in Utah. I read “The Artist’s Way” many years ago and really enjoyed it, so I knew I’d love to be apart of this group and work through the “It’s Never too Late to Begin Again” book. I work part time at a university in admin and love my days off when I can give my varied interests my attention. I love photography, reading, playing racquetball, bicycling and learning or doing new things (thus my blog title). I just recently joined a pottery class, and although I’m not very good yet, I’m loving it! In two days, my hubby and I will have been married 31 years. We have 4 grown sons, 2 daughters-in-law and we’re trying to be patient until we get some grand-kiddos. I’m thrilled to be a part of this course and most grateful to Cee and Chris for their time and efforts in organizing it. Thanks so much!

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    1. We are so grateful that you want to participate in this class. So we’ve both been married about the same amount of time. I would love to take a pottery class some day. Welcome to the group and I hope you will participate in some of the dialog 😀


    2. Welcome, Lenore! Cheers for all of us 30 year couples. Pottery? I’d love to try that some time. Maybe a good idea for an Artist Date? I can explore and maybe watch a class. I’ll have to put that on my list.


  6. Hi everyone! Sorry to be so late in posting my introduction. My name is Barbara Marincel and my blog is at My passions are photography and writing, politics and theology. (I used to work in politics and I have a master’s in theology.) I’ve been happily married to my best friend for fifteen years and am a doggie-mama to Fiona, our cocker spaniel.

    I’m unable to work thanks to fibromyalgia and chronic migraine, so I may be spotty about posting. But I am excited to do this course and “meet” all of you! I’m hoping this experience will help me embrace all of the blessings in my life, despite the chronic pain and disability.

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    1. Hi Barbara, it’s so nice to meet you. You are not alone with having a chronic illness. I had one for 35 years or so. I understand that your dialog may be “spotty”. I’ve been there plenty. We will all trust you are reading. Just try and check in once a week so we know you are with us. Welcome to the group. 😀

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    2. Welcome, Barbara. I went out on your blog and read your About page. I just wanted to reassure you that Cee has been a “spoonie” for a long time, and I know what it’s like to have my life ruled by that as well. Take care of yourself foremost and we’ll be appreciative of anything and any time you can join us.

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